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I'm Bored, I Have No Car, and Worst Of All, I'm Hungry!

I'm in one of thoes "What's This Life For" you know, like why the hell am I here? and why for? and what's my destiny? stuffy like that.

If I wasn't in this weird calm funky mood, and it wasn't my mom's birthday I would bitch at her for taking my car all damn day, hers is with my brother, who has had it for weeks...*shakes her head* he's such a loser.

Normally she'd have my grandmas, but both of their cars are in the shop, so my cars all that's left go figure.

I have but 3 needs right now. There are as followed.

I need food.

I need Coke. (as in Coca Cola, lol)

I need my car.......

And then I'll be happy.

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