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I waited all last night til scott came home at I went with Patty, she stayed the night, we got drunk.

We had emotional talks. It was fun...hehe

anyways, after drinking I slept woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon, and we went to Travisto eat breakfeast! I got Pancakes...and since I know everyone there, the cook Eric made me a special had a smily face on it!!! It was wanted to put the middle finger on it he said, but he didn't know how That's Eric for you...hehe, he's awesome. If he was just a tad bit younger....*melts* hehe

Ok, I ate my pancakes, but I couldn't finish off the smily face, he was to, he was entirely to big for me to eat, I was full. Eric got mad because I didn't eat him. lol

I'm home now, just for a bit. I'm making a quick CD, then I'm going to go to Lakeside Mall and look for a job! Wish Me Luck!!
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