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I'm addicted!

The If you were a ____________, what would you be and why section:

1)fruit?: Umm, Watermellon! It's yummie!!

2)board game?: Monopoly!!! My favourite board game!

3)game show?: Price Is Right!! Because Bob Baker rocks!

4)meal?: Ribs! Yummmmmm

5)commercial?: Goldfishies! I Love the Goldfishies!

6)slogan/ad?: *shrugs*

7)celebrity?: Oooh She's pretty!

8)animal?: Cat! There sneaky!! hehe and always happy!

9)magazine?: Entertainment Weekly? lol it's all we get here

10)sesame street character?: Big Bird! I use to love him!

11) S Club 7 member?: Who? lol

12) Spice Girl?: Baby? lol

----------------------- The When's the last time you... section:

1)cried?: A few nights ago.

2)yelled at someone?: Yesterday?

3)got a compliment?: Last night.
4)yawned?: Just a minute ago!

5)watched sesame street?: When I was like 5? lol

6)were bored?: *shrugs*

7)got tickled?: It's been awhile! lol

8)took a bath?: Oooh three days ago!

9)went on vacation?: Not that long ago..

10)aced a test?: lol loooong time ago.

11)failed a test?: Thats awhile ago too...hehe

12)swore at somebody?:

13)got a snail mail letter from a friend?:*shrugs*

14) bumped into a friend?: Weeks
15) did a good deed?: Ummm.....I slept on the floor last night so patty could sleep in my bed...

16) bought something?: Today! Cigarettes!

---------------------------The Take your pick section

1)jeans or khakis?: Jeans

2)overstress or overboredom?: Over boredom

3)Leno or Letterman?: Leno

4)milk or no milk (in your cereal)?: Milk

5)pencil or pen?: Pen!

6)Hershey's hugs or kisses?: Both!!

7)tv or radio?: TV!

8)fuzzy peaches or peach rings?: Peach rings!

9)outlet store or fancy boutique?: Fancy Boutique!

10)sunburn or frostbite?: neither, but if I had too choose, sunburn.

11)teacher's pet or class clown?: lol a nobody..

12)what kind of cheerios?: Frosted!

13)tabloids or documentaries?: Documentaries

14)Oprah or Uma?: Who the hell is Uma?

15)peanut butter or jam?: Peanut butter

16)trigonometry or logarithms?:Neither!

17)glasses or contacts?: Contacts

18)Dr. Seuss or poetry prose?: Dr. Seuss kicks ass!

19)Stephen King or Jane Austen?: Stephen King!!!! all the way!

20)Marilyn Manson or Dennis Rodman?:Ellw...Neither.

21) Salt or Pepper?: Both!

22) pool or hot tub?: Hot tub

23) paper or plastic?: Paper!

24) boy bands or real bands?: Real Bands...duh.

25) Lose all your teeth or Lose all your hair?: Neither! but I'll probably lose my my mom's barley got hair, it's

26) Sit on a wet toilet or realize there's no TP mid-dump?: Ick....neither? lol

27) Slim Shady LP or Marshall Mathers LP?: I don't care! lol
28) older or younger sibling?: Older...

29) finding a worm in your apple or finding 1/2 a worm in your apple?: elwwww...finding a worm, then I know I didn't eat the other

--------------------------the what do you think of when I say ______________ section:

1)Love at first sight?: Dream.

2)Eating disorders?: Sad..

3)Boy bands?: Over-rated.

4)Jerry Springer?:

5)Suicide?: Depressing.

6)South Park?: Mr. Hanky! lol

7)Aliens?: Roswell!! lol

8)ICQ?: Never liked it, never will.

9)Ribbon Campaigns?: *raises an eyebrow*

10)Infomercials?: Intresting...

11)Clowns?: Chucky...ick...Ugly/scary.

12)Oscar?: Oscar?? who??

13)Miss America?: Stupid? lol

14)Judge Judy?: She kicks ass...hehe

15)Plastic surgery?: Why would you do that?

16)Boob implants?: Britney Spears!!! lol

17)Blackhead strips you put on your nose?: *shrugs*

18)School uniforms?:

----------------------the have you ever section... have you ever...

1)fallen asleep during a movie?: lol Only ones they showed in School....except for Braveheart! they showed that in school, I loved it.

2)fallen asleep during an exam?:lol almost before it too! hehe

3)failed an exam?: No..

4)pulled an all-nighter?: Many times...

5)met a celebrity?: If hockey players count yes, many times.

6)Had an online relationship?: Yes

7)Been beat up?: Yes

8)Beaten someone up?: Yup

9)Skipped School?: More than once...hehe

10)Pissed in your pants cuz you're scared?: Never...

11)Turned someone from the opposite sex down?: Ya..

12)eaten sushi?: Yuck...

13)Shopped online?: Noo...bad..

14) been skydiving or bungee jumping?: I want to!!

15) been skiing/snowboarding?: I want to!!! lol

16) swam in the ocean?: Ya, it sucks....salt water...bleah.

17) lied just to get off the phone?: Sure who hasn't?

------------------------------ what song:

1) makes you want to puke: Ummm, Hanson's MmmmBob.

2) makes you want to get up and dance: 112 Dance Wit Me.

3) makes you wonder about the singer/group: Puddly Of Mudd-Blurry

4) brings back childhood memories: lol umm, Poison-Somthing To Believe In.

5) makes you all teary-eyed: Umm, Aerosmith-I don't wanna miss a thang.

6) makes you want to sleep:*shrugs*

7) is the best to slow dance to: Voices Of Theory-Say It.

8) is the best to mosh to: Ooooh, this ones hard! waaaay to many. hehe

9) has the worst music video:*shrugs* The new Offspring Defy You is kinda funky.

10) do you have no idea what the lyrics are: lol oh ya, but then I look them up..hehe

11) is overplayed: Umm, hell Nickleback-How You Remind Me, and Usher-U Got It Bad..if I hear Nickleback one more time I'm gonna

12) is overplayed but you still love it: N'Sync-Gone

13) perfectly describes your life situation: Puddle Of Mudd-Blurry

14) has the most inspiring lyrics: Lots...

15) has the best instrumentals: Lots!! lol

16) do you hate to admit you like: I don't! hehe

17) do your parents hate you listeneing to: They don't give a shit! lol
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