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Ok, so I've had this crazy craving for pizza and after I got done working I ordered some Pizza from Hungry Howies. *melts* I think I gained 20 pounds just now. I think I wanted pizza so bad because of Dmitri's posting about him wanted pizza, thing is, I read it like a day ago or I dunno. Although, it was damn good...I like Hungry Howies...hehe

Aside from pizza munchies, work was fun, made good money. I work tomorrow morning, and a double saturday. Then Sunday there going to put me in a closing section, in which case I really don't wanna close, I don't like closing, never I guess I'll have to live with it, eh. Besides I'm new so it's not like I can really say I don't like closing, makes me look

Well..I think I'll have another piece of pizza...and add another 5 pounds to my fat stomach..haha
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