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Surveys, I like them!

1. Do you have a partner, b/f, g/f? Yessum!

2. What is her/his name? Tim.

3. How did you meet? Through my friend Heather, whom was dating his

4. When did you meet? Hmmm...4 years ago? 3? Sometime around there.

5. Do you remember what you were wearing when you first met? umm, a jean skirt, and a really cute shirt...

6. Do you remember what he/she was wearing when you first met? Probably a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt..

7. Do you remember a song that was popular at the time you first met? umm, What's Your Fantasy Ludacris

8. Do you have a special song? Nope...we don't like that kinda thing

9. Do you have a special movie? YEAH! Dirty Dancing!!! (no havana nights, what a copy..)

10. What is the age gap between both of you? About a year

11. What is your opinion on older woman going out with youger men. Depends on the age

12. Do you know their birthdate? March 20th..hehe It's easily remembered first day of Spring.

13. Do you know where they were born? Yeah..

14. Is he/she a Star sign that are you compatible with? We sure are..

15. Do they have annoying habits? Hella

16. Have you told them about their annoying habits? A few times

17. Do they snore? Oh my god, you have no idea..he's the weirdest sleeper in the world..snores, talks in his sleep, and a bunch of other stuff..

18. Do they hog the bed? *sigh* yes, big time..

19. How often do you have sex? *smiles*

20. Are you satisfied with your sex life? Oh yes...

21. Do you have sex just to satisfy them even though you don't feel like it? Oh for sure

22. If yes, why? Why not?

23. Do you have similar interests? Some..but they say opposites attract :)

24. Do you have similar tastes in music? Naw, he's not very musicaly inclined like

25. Do you have kids? No

26. Are they your partners, b/f's, g/f's kids? ummm, no

27. Do you know what your partner, b/f, g/f is doing now? Yeah, he's sleeping, it's

28. When did you last have a fight? a week ago

29. When did you last kiss? yesterday

30. When did you last hug? same, yesterday

31. What colour are their eyes? Browinsh

32. What colour is their hair (If they have any)? dark black

33. What do you think their best asset is? What isnt? He's a good talker..I love listening to him talk :)

34. What is their worst asset? Stubborn as hell

35. Do you know their favourite song? Word for word? Probably something Pink Floyd.

36. Do you know their favourite movie? Oh my gosh, he's the biggest movie person in the world..probably Fight Club..

37. Do you know their favourite book? He doesn't read much

38. Do you get along with their parents? I love his parents

39. Do you know what really annoys them? Yeah, it's useful

40. If yes, have you ever done it to annoy them? just to aggravate him

41. Do you know the name of their last partner, g/f, b/f? Yeah...I don't like her

42. Do they ever talk about them? Once we did

43. If yes, does it bother you? Not really

44. What is the best thing they have ever done for you? Just been there for me :)

45. What is the best thing you have done for them? See above..

46. What is your favourite thing to do together? Watch movies!! and cuddle!

47. Where is your favourite place to go together? his house because we love the sitting in front of the fire place.

48. If they are employed what do they do? He's a cook

49. What is their favourite food? Edible? Steak!

50. What was it about them that made you fall for them? He's to good to me, and treats me right, unlike most men that I've dated, he's been there for me when I needed him the most, and vice versa. I'd say more but it's almost 530am and I'm
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