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Wings To Win, Or To Lose?????

First off, I would like to say, yes, they played like SHIT on Tuesday night. They were terribly sloppy. Yes there were lots of shots on goal, but 90% of thoes shots weren't even quality scoring chances.

Secondly, Vokoun is playing like a brick wall, I think the best shots to make on him would to be top shelvers, maybe deflections. They obviously need to find some way around him, or maybe he can just start fucking up?

Thirdly, you Wings fans out there need to stop saying it's over damnit. It isn't OVER until it's OVER, and by my calculations there are still a possible 3 games left.....THREE, which means, it would go either way at this point. Game 5 is definitly going to be a big decider though.

I definitly think were going to be seeing alot of Draper, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Hull, Yzerman, Lidstrom and Lang in the next game. I want Joseph in, and Legace out, which I'm sure will happen. I sooooo want Hatcher out, I wish they would take him out and put a young HEALTY player in. Not that Hatcher is bad, but he just got back from being out the whole season. He's not in tip top shape yet, that's NO GOOD!!
Anyways, enough with the Wings...we'll see what happens tomorrow night. Well, I won't I'll be working...Bleah

Aside from all that, life is going waaaaaay down hill. My car needs about $2000 in work on it, if not more. Probably more. Work isn't going that great. I need more hours that they can't give me right now, I'm thinking about getting a second job...possibly, maybe.
So, it would be extremly nice of the wings to possibly win for me, so that I can have a tiny bit of enjoyment in my life :) that is all...
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