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What An Asshole....

My dad is such a fucking prick!!

Our upstairs shower leaks through the floor, right...and he had a plumber come, and the fucker didn't fix it. My dad is so stupid. He did it all wrong. Well I needed to take a shower today, so I fucking did. Then out of the blue he comes out and says "whats all this water?" I'm like it's from the shower...remember? Then he's likes "well go ahead and continue to take showers until the floor collapses" I'm like what the fuck you expect me to do? walk around smelling like a fucking dirty trash can or something?? Then he started bitching more....I'm like your the one that hired the fucking gay plumber, and you actually PAYED him knowing that the shower was still he's getting pissed at me because I like to be clean....*rolls her eyes* what a dick

ok I'm done...hehe
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