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Crappy Day....

Well, today has been quite shitty indeedly. First work sucked, I had a really bad headache all day long, and my body is sore as hell. So after work, I go home, and was enjoying being off work the next two days. At about 2:30am I decide to go to the near by 7 Eleven, which is just down the street, like not even 3 minutes away. To thoes who live near me, it twas on Jefferson. So I'm doing about 50 miles per hour, which is 5 over the speed limit, and I'm almost to 7 Eleven, when out of no where BAM something nails my windsheld, I almost spun out, but controled my car, and made it to 7 Eleven. Some stupid fuck on the side of the road playing fucking stupid games had thrown a brick at my windsheild. I'm lucky to be alive, because where the brick hit, was directly where my head was. I guess I'm quite lucky, because usually I do about close to 60 miles per hour on Jefferson since they re-did the road, (I can't resist new pavement, so smooth, plus I have a lead foot as it is). If I was driving as fast as I usually was, chances are the brick would have went right through.

Anyways, I called the cops, they came over and made a report. I decided to go back to the scene of the crime after the cops left, and when I past the local 7 Eleven, there are the same cops, chillin' on the inside. Probably eating donuts. Ya know, it really pisses me off that thoes stupid cops didn't even go searching the area for the stupid ignorant mother fucker. Especially since the guy could have killed me! Or someone else! Crazy thing is I forgot to mention above, was that my brother went to 7 Eleven first, and he ran out of gas, and I was going to get him, he said that he heard a big thump thump on the way, he thought he had ran over an animal, I'm thinking that this person, whomever it is, was trying to hit him too, and he got lucky.

I really can't believe how stupid people are these days. What the hell are they thinking? Did this person think it was actually funny to throw a fucking brick at a moving vehical? Did this person not think about what could have happened to the poor person driving had the brick went through the windsheild??? Or was that their intentions? To actually hurt the person?? I hate the world...this kind of thing makes me hate people more and more every day. No common sense, NONE.

This makes 2 times since I've had this car that someone has enjoyed smashing out by windows. Last time was like 3 months after I bought the car, someone decided to bash out the back window of my car during the night. Ya know, that's one thing I really hate, you just DON'T FUCK with someone else vehical! You just don't do that shit! I mean, an accident, that's on thing, but purposley vandalizing another persons car for the shere fun of it all. God...people are ignorant. My head is thumping so bad right now, that I want to lay down and die, I haven't stressed this much in a long time. This whole week has been stressful, I've got pimples all over to prove it, and a bashed out window.....*sigh*

Ok, I think I'm done venting...I'm going to go and lie down and cry some more...hopefully cry myself to sleep, so I can make this migraine stop hurting.
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